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Health Benefits of Pedicures

footMany of the ladies have long known the luxury of a spa pedicure, but could a pedicure actually have health benefits not only for the ladies, but for the men too?

Your feet take a beating, and if you happen to be carrying extra weight on your frame, your feet get the brunt of it. The average person takes 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day, which adds up to about 115,000 miles over a lifetime. Comparing in terms of cars, not every one will drive a car that has 115,000 miles, especially if it hasn’t been properly maintained.

Whether you go to a salon or do self pedicures, there are health benefits in properly maintaining your feet. Cutting, clipping and cleaning of the nails prevents nails from growing inward and causing infection. The elimination of dirt and bacteria from your feet will also help prevent nail diseases and disorders and helps eliminate foot odor.

Exfoliation, or the sloughing off of dead skin cells, prevents the cells from accumulating and causing bunions or corns, which can be painful. Removal of the dead skins cells also encourages newer skin cell growth which creates a smoother, more appealing foot.

The most enjoyable part of the salon pedicure is the massage. The lotion and/or oils used in the massage moisturize the newly exfoliated skin, and massaging promotes circulation in the calves and feet. It can reduce foot pain from being on one’s feet all day and can help maintain the health and performance of the muscles. And let’s face it, a nice time out for this pampering can reduce stress.

Nail color is optional. It is fun for the ladies and avoided by the men. Men, obviously you don’t have to get the color, but consider for a moment some of the fun you could have. If you’re a sports fan, you could have your nails painted like baseballs, basketballs, or soccer balls. You could even have them done as dice. (although it would be recommended to have the baby toe be the one and the big toe be the five.) You don’t have to leave it on, but imagine her surprise when you show up at home that night with a Superman logo on your toes?

Whether or not you get the color, the heath benefits of pedicures are not imagined and are a part of proper foot care. Gone are the days when this kind of foot care was only a luxury only for the ladies. Everyone deserves to take good care of their feet.


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1 Catherine Carey

You describe the benefits of pedicures so well that I’m linking to your blog post. Thank you!



2 Sara

Thanks for linking! I think our blogs compliment one another.

3 Carrie

I too, think your article was excellent and am linking it to our Salon web page! Thanks!!

4 Sara

Glad you liked it!

5 Ricky Ricardo

Very nice article! A dude here. I had a pedicure yesterday. It had been too long since I’ve had one and this time around I feel as if I got the best one ever since all my toenails are shiny and without any debris in them. Not a fan of color (not even the “natural” enamel) but love to get them buffed. They stay shiny for about a month or so. I am sharing your blog with my friends on Facebook.

6 Sara

Thanks for the male perspective Ricky!

7 Beverly Mason

Great article. I linked to it also from Nail Spa website. Thanks!

8 Ecclesiast

No links or Facebook love but I must say that I wish I would have considered a Pedicure before I went and got fitted for my Vibram Fivefingers (Google it), lol.

Being a guy I never even remotely considered a pedicure I’d just wash ‘em and go! Plus the taboo of MetroSexualism seriously kept me out of any salon but I believe that $30+ is a small investment as the benefits you’ve stated and along with my new found barefoot lifestyle I simply have no choice.

Good write up btw.

9 Sharlzie

sounds sooooo good I think I’ll treat myself to a pedicure today! :)

10 Emma

thank you! thank you soo much!! you helped me a lot with my project in cosmetology xD im only 14 and im starting to be addected in nail arts . lol thanks you again!! <3

11 cindylou

That is one ugly foot that you used in your article. It looked deformed.